Thomastina Simmons-Fenn

 Thomastina's  artistic genius was evident at an early age.  She worked with U. R. 4 Social Change as the Art Director and teacher of after school programming.  She is a phenomenal illustrator, freestyle artist and creative genius. 

Thomastina is particularly sensitive to children with special needs, having raised a handicapable son herself. 

Leamon Scott

 Leamon is author of A Seed for Cora Lee and a Saxophonist His entertainment skills flow as freely in print as it does in sound and he tells a riveting pre-Katrina story that is a must read. 

Mary Midge-Hall


Midge grew up in a family of 11 siblings born to two deaf parents and was able to make a name for herself not only in the deaf community in Columbus, but in multiple states and has told many stores in various books including a lesson for youth in Jade Gets a Drink. 



Author of Same Gender Loving and Loving IT and Unmasking the Fear, Love is an English Teacher who resides in Columbus, OH and is a mother of one child.  

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Jackie Jones


Author of In Rehab a teenage romance novel and Co-Author of Get Money: A Teenager's Guide to Entrepreneurship, Jackie continues to write children's books with plans to release two new children series. 

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